Introversion/extroversion/ambiversion is a non-linear, multi-faceted spectrum, which many people overlook — one can achieve energy and be drained by the same activity, one’s behavior may change drastically dependent on certain situations, etc.

That being said, the concept of “energy” itself is fascinating — what exactly is one’s energy, and how…

IMDB has an obnoxious amount of data — so much data that it’s hard to know what to do with it all. There are so many films that come out each year that cause millions of potential viewers to roll their eyes at the sheer ridiculousness of the plot, combination…

“Oh, you dated a construction worker? Oh, that’s right! — I forgot that they existed!” One of my friends blurted this out one day, years ago as we were sipping afternoon tea in my Cambridge apartment, with my Harvard professor-roommate’s diplomas and various accolades scattered about like they were nothing.

“That person is a total dolphin!”

You’re probably asking what that could possibly mean. Well, I had recently moved to Boston and was actively looking for new friends that I could become close to. While being an extroverted person, I found it difficult to find just the right kinds of…

Alaska Lam

polymath using data science to build friendship + camaraderie

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